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Mentor Program

MentorThe MENTOR program is designed to help your child define and reach their dance goals!

Mentors can confide and guide, counsel and consult, motivate and inspire.

A one-on-one mentor will teach, coach, facilitate, focus, and create.

Mentor ProgramOur mentors provide both professional and personal support in helping the student and parents reach their desired goals. They have the knowledge, tools, guidance and support to make them prepared and successful.

Together we will:

Identify goals
Measure outcomes
Meet monthly to discuss progress and concerns
Provide private coaching
Consult with students’ teachers in all their dance classes
Advise on opportunities of study outside the studios
Consult on public and private school dance programs
Consult on college dance programs
Prepare students for the audition process
Advise in all areas of dance career paths

Evelyn Ireton or Ginger Herrera at

Mentor Program